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Chinese-American man living in the SF Bay Area. My stuff is tagged with a "my" ( my art, my fanart, my fiction, my face, etc ) in front of it, everything else should be credited to their rightful owners.

For epilepsy and seizure warnings, tagged "epilepsy warning", there's also the gifset, gif, gifs tag if you need them.

1st August 2014

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he just became like 50% carrot

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1st August 2014

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1 wow please


1 wow please

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1st August 2014

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1st August 2014

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requested by elcorr

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1st August 2014

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This is the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen.

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1st August 2014

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By Carol Rossetti (originally in color, I hope she forgives me!)

These photosets keep circulating and they make me so happy. Because constantly I feel afraid about things I enjoy or do and these make me feel so much better

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1st August 2014

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Map Drawings by Ed Fairburn

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31st July 2014

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nyooor said: im going to cry that fanart u just posted is rly good. how are u so good a t drawings hands?????????


you might say that my hands

draw themselves

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31st July 2014

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I haven’t listened to this yet but i don’t know what to expect

modern art

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31st July 2014

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Sup Guys!! Here’s a commission I just finished! An anniversary gift!


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